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Digital Mapping

PROVIDING ACCURATE SOLUTIONS Trapeeze technicians are committed to digitizing the construction industry. Rendering scans, collecting accurate measurements and delivering reliable imagery with data sets. The digital assets can be transformed into scaled architectural models or printed as 2d maps.


BENEFITS Our Pilot Technicians acquire strategically timed digital imagery to increase adherence to the CM Performance Schedule. These milestone based progressions provide visual documentation for permanent record while creating vertical alignment for construction management contracts.


SOLAR-TELECOM-WIND We utilize cutting-edge UAS technology to conduct data collections. Companies can utilize the data to reduce their maintenance cost by 80-90%. The high cost of scaffolding and the downtime of assets are increasing the need for unmanned aerial systems. Trapeeze professionals utilize these safe systems to inspect confined spaces or unsafe heights.


AERIAL ESTIMATIONS Measuring and inspecting roofs can be challenging. Quite often roofs are built high pitched, geometrically extreme and can be potentially hazardous. We produce precise,aerial imagery which provides insight for accurate estimates.

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Aerial Inspection Safety

Ground based inspections typically require scaffolding, booms or even cranes. Trapeeze Aerial helps to mitigate the cost of such items. Reducing exposure to falls, electricity or unknown dangerous conditions. Safety is our number one concern. We collect and present accurate data sets and insight reports for your safety, efficiency and profitability.


Trapeeze Pilots are FAA licensed, insured and safety certified. Pilots are health screened and socially distant compliant.

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